Established to continue Mimie’s lifelong legacy of promoting Chinese culture in our Canadian multicultural fabric.

A Message From Our Chair

I first met Mimie many years ago when I brought my two daughters for Chinese dance lessons in Vancouver’s Chinatown.  I saw first hand the passion she had for teaching children and her devotion to the community.  My daughters received lessons that went far beyond learning dance steps.  They learned about discipline, confidence, determination, and character.  They learned about Chinese culture and all the gifts that can come from sharing and exchanging their culture with others.  It left an imprint with them that shaped who they would become.

Even after my daughters had grown and finished dancing, I had stayed in touch with Mimie as we had a mutual connection to my former high school, Templeton Secondary School, where she was teaching mandarin and math.  Mimie had invited me to a production at the school she had put on with her Templeton mandarin students.  Mimie had all her school students in full costume dancing various Chinese dances including the dragon and singing Chinese songs in a full out production.  These students came from all different cultural backgrounds.  They were not trained dancers, yet Mimie had them all on stage dancing in unison.  It was exciting to see her passion extend to these students beyond the classroom setting.

Over the years Mimie had left such an impact with the community and since her passing it was clear there was a void to fill.  It was with great honour that the Maria Mimie Ho Foundation was started to continue building upon the legacy that Mimie had left behind.  We hope to continue finding ways to celebrate and share Chinese culture.  We are committed to providing opportunities for youth to grow and learn about the importance of cultural exchange.   Through the Maria Mimie Ho Foundation, we hope these opportunities will continue into perpetuity for future generations.  

John Pao